My name is Debb. I am the owner of Cornerstone Yard and Garden Decor.  I grew up on a farm/ranch in Wyoming and have also been an accountant for agricultural businesses for most of my adult life.  I love to be outdoors and work with the elements.  Seeing new life and the beauty of plants and animals as they grow and mature brings me great joy.

My family and I still live on the same farm/ranch that I grew up on.  It is hard work, but we enjoy the benefits of rural life and being able to step out of doors and see such beautiful nature.  The stone in my logo picture located on the corner below my house.  Early in the 20th century, this stone was used as a marker for travelers-either by
horse and wagon or by motorized vehicle.  Markers were necessary because of the lack of roads.  Our community was quickly settled by World War I Veterans who homesteaded the area-hence the name
of our community-Veteran. 

Because I enjoy the outdoors and would like to pass that enthusiasm on to everyone else, I began the website Cornerstone Yard and Garden Decor.  (It was better than selling tumbleweeds!-which I have if anyone needs one).  I think that a yard or garden that is decorated with the owners personal taste can bring great joy. Decorating can be fun, but the items used should be of good quality.  I also like to use functional items for decor.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and also my website.
Have a wonderful, colorful day and God Bless.


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