Watch as I experiment with creating side planting hanging flower combinations. 

What Color!!

I started with four Bloom Master hanging baskets. These baskets have holes in the sides. The first thing I had to do was research which plants will take a lot of sunlight since I don’t have shade and also which plants do well in hanging baskets. Using this information, I have tried to create four different combinations of flowers to see what thrives the best and which ones create the most fantastic producing, eye-catching hanging baskets. This picture shows an example of what my end goal should turn out like-breathtaking.

The planting process.


 This picture shows the first result of planting. I started with potting mix that already has nutrients added and is moisture controlling. I had to moisten the potting mix before putting in the pot. My biggest problem was getting too excited and having too many plants to choose from. Not having made these combinations before, it was hard to imagine the end results after the plants have matured-but I tried.
In this planter I have planted alyssum, gazanias, and dusty miller in the top. The top side row is a mix of begonias and alyssum. The middle row is a mix of coleus.
The bottom row is a mix of vinca vine, calibrochoa and pansies.
It is still too cold to put the planters outside, but as soon as it warms up, these plants will be ready to grow.


We did have a few days of sun which really helped but—-
Update-cold and rainy again. I am having a terrible time with the coleus-partially because they are too small(young) and partially because of 7 little kittens.

Stay tuned as I add updates and watch this pot grow!


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